GPT Wire

    Description: Printed power distribution cable. Highly resistant to oil, water, acids, alkalis, ozone, grease, and diesel fumes.

    Conductor: 99.9% Pure Soft Bare Finely Stranded Electrolytic Copper Conductors Cabled In A Rope Lay Design For Maximum Flexibility And Conductivity, Per Astm B-172.

    Insulation: GPT Type VW-1 flame retardant grade PVC, with a bright, super shiny finish.

    Temperature Rating: -30°c to 105°c.

    Voltage Rating: 600 Volts R.M.S.

    Ordering Information: Specify jaguar catalog no. And color.
    Available colors are: red, black, clear red, clear black (smoke),
    clear blue, clear green, clear gold, neon pink, neon green,
    and neon orange.

    Catalog # AWG
    Catalog # AWG
    JAK10-1000 JAK10-500 JAK10-250 JAK10-100 10 7X59 (413X36) 0.23 ALL 1000 FT 500 FT 250 FT 100 FT
    JAK8-500 JAK8-250 JAK8-100 8 7X95 (665X36) 0.27 ALL 500 FT 250 FT 100 FT
    JAK4-500 JAK4-250 JAK4-100 4 19X88 (1672X36) 0.425 ALL 500 FT 250 FT 100 FT
    JAK2-250 JAK2-100 2 19X139 (2641X36) 0.5 RED & BLACK 250 FT 100 FT