Jaguar Type-ET PTFE Insulated Wire

Jaguar Type-ET PTFE Insulated Wire

Description: Unprinted PTFE insulated hook-up wire, conforming to MIL-W-16878/6C in AWG sizes 32-20 in the strandings specified and replacing MIL-W-16878 type ET.
Specifications: NEMA HP 3 AND MIL-W-16878/6.
Conductor: Stranded or solid silver plated copper.
Insulation: PTFE, .006″.
Temperature rating: -65°c to +200°c.
Voltage rating:250 volts R.M.S.
Standard spool put-up: 1000 ft., 5000 ft.
Ordering information: Specify jaguar catalog # & color code.

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PTFE coated hook up and lead wire can operate in the most extreme conditions. Jaguar Industries carries PTFE Coated Hook-Up Wire that can withstand high temperatures & high frequencies. This type of lead wire is extremely durable and will last in some of the toughest conditions.

The applications for Type ET PTFE Insulated Wire include military applications, medical electronics and appliance wiring. Our lead wire is a highly reliable OEM product. You will find lead wire used in the industrial, military, aerospace industries as well as many other commercial markets.

 PTFE insulation for hook up and lead wire has many advantages, including great resistance to radiation, chemicals & potential mold growth. PTFE coated hook up wire and lead wire has an amazing flex-life. The insulation on the lead wire, as compared to others, provides a unique savings in both space and weight and is also very easy to install.