As an insulator for electrical cables, PVC is known best for its well-balanced properties and cost-effectiveness. PVC cable has good electrical and insulation properties over a wide temperature range. With its excellent durability, it also has a long life expectancy. These characteristics make it popular for general use.

A mainstay of the wire and cable industry, PVC is used for a diverse range of applications. Whether for telecommunications, audio-visual equipment, or computer circuits, we at Jaguar Industry provide a diverse range of PVC cables to suit these applications and more. Below are selections from our catalog you can view at our website:

Multi-Conductor Cable
Used in control, audio, computer circuits, and similar applications, this type of cable contains multiple color-coded PVC-insulated conductors. Aside from the unshielded type, we also provide cables with a foil shield, or with a foil shield and braid. Foil shielded items have a suitable drain wire, while those with a braid in addition to the foil shield feature a minimum tinned copper braid coverage of 65%. Our multi-conductor PVC cable is supplied with a gray jacket.

Multi-Pair Cable
In contrast to multi-conductor cables that contain single conductors grouped together, multi-pair cables comprise groups of individual conductors twisted together into pairs. This type of cable is extensively used in the communications and computer industries. Like our multi-conductor cables, our multi-pair PVC cables are available unshielded, with a foil shield, or with a foil shield and braid. They are also supplied with a gray jacket.

Miniature Cable
For applications where space is limited or concealment is required, our miniature cables provide both flexibility and a small size factor. Sizes for these flexible cables run from #32 AWG to #20 AWG. At #32 AWG, our miniature cables can contain up to five individual conductors.

Flat Cable
At Jaguar Industries, we provide flat cable in three different configurations. First, the JFC series is a monolithic extrusion product where the conductors are extruded parallel to each other with gray PVC insulation. A leading edge stripe indicates polarity. Next, the JFCR series is made by thermally bonding individual color-coded conductors in a parallel plane or onto a PVC substrate. Finally, the JFCS series is a flat gray cable with an overall aluminum/mylar shield and jacket.

As a company known for its custom wire and cable solutions, what we have here on our website is but a sampling of what we can do for your business. To view our complete catalog, request one for free here. If you would like to inquire for a specific product, you may contact us online or call our toll-free number at (800) 443-6528.