High Temperature Cable

Across various industries, demanding environments pose a challenge for equipment to function properly. Whether in a machine or laid out and exposed to relay information or energy from one point to another, high temperature cable is essential for work to go on even in the most extreme circumstances.

At Jaguar Industries, we provide manufacturers, engineers, and the like with heat resistant cable products in a variety of specifications. While we do stock up on a diverse array of products for you to choose from, we also take pride in our custom manufacturing capabilities. This ensures that we can procure even unusual and hard-to-find products for your business’ use.

Generally, high temperature cables are defined by their heat rating, which ranges from 150°C to 200°C at the maximum. While a wide range of insulation materials fall under this criteria, there are a few that are widely popular across various industries.

One of these is PTFE. Aside from having a fairly high heat resistance, PTFE is best known for its hydrophobic properties, which repels water and water-containing substances. This insulation material is also very non-reactive, which makes PTFE cables best for environments where corrosive chemicals may come in contact with it.

FEP is another popular insulation material for heat resistant cables. Thermally, this material offers excellent performance for a high temp cable. At particular grades, this insulation material offers the best protection for telecommunication cables. Here at Jaguar Industries, we offer a variety of these plenum and high-rated coaxial cables.

Jaguar Industries takes pride in its custom manufacturing capabilities. To complement your order, we offer a number of value-added services as well. We can customize the look of any cable for high temperatures through striping, dyeing, and marking. Cutting, stripping, terminating, and crimping services are also available to prepare your choice of high temperature cable for use.

If you would like to create a heat resistant cable with our stock of single conductor products, we can also accommodate your order. Our high speed twisting and planetary cabling equipment allows us to create cables easily and to your specifications. To ensure that each product is made to your requirements, we also run the cable through laboratory physical and electrical tests.

Have any questions regarding our services or products? Feel free to contact us. You can also get in touch with us to request for a catalog and look through the complete selection of wire and cable products we have to offer.