A Diverse Selection of Wires for Businesses in Various Industries

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Whether your business is in automotives, military-grade equipment, or simple electronics, it helps to know where you can find the right wires for your specific purpose. Here at Jaguar Industries, we carry a wide range of products for a variety of uses, including aviation and military applications. Each type of electrical wire we provide is made to high standards.

Below is a brief rundown of the different wires we carry. For in-depth information, feel free to browse through the categories on the left, or contact us for any inquiry.

GPT / Primary Wire

Our Jaguar GPT Primary Wire and Jaguar GPT Wire are both made to resist oil, water, acids, alkalis, ozone, grease, and diesel fumes. To provide maximum flexibility and conductivity, the wiring is made from 99.9 percent pure soft bare electrolytic copper conductors. The Jaguar GPT Wire in particular features cabling in a rope lay design as per ASTM B-172.

Hook-up Wire / Lead Wire

Under this category, we offer different types of PVC wire, flexible wire, and commercial-grade wire insulated with Tefzel® or PTFE.

The general purpose wire is insulated with PVC and is flame-retardant and resistant to water, oil, acids, solvents, and fungus. Meanwhile, our JAG-Flex™ Flexible Hook-Up Wire is designed for flexing and movement seen in robotic and servo applications. Finally, our selection of Tefzel® and PTFE-insulated wires are ideal for industrial and commercial applications that require lasting endurance and resilience.

High Temperature Wire

Primarily used for military and airframe applications and as component conductors for MIL-C-27500 cables, our high temp wire feature cross-linked polyalkene insulation with a cross-linked polyvinyldene fluoride (PVF) jacket. These materials reinforce the wiring, making it resistant to chemicals, abrasion, and shrink back. Despite its high resistance to severe conditions, the product features a low weight.

Military Grade Wire and Aircraft Wire

Our position as wire suppliers to the aerospace industry and military allow our customers to explore a wide range of military grade materials. Our electrical wire under this category includes PTFE insulated wires, Tefzel® insulated wires, and our Polyalkene-PVF insulated high temp wire.

Our aircraft wire, designed for aircraft electrical systems, is available in two types: PVC/Polyamide Insulation (MIL-W-5086A Type I), and PVC/Dual Jacket Insulation (MIL-W-5086A Type II). Both are manufactured to withstand temperatures between -55 to 105 degrees centigrade.

If you are unable to find wiring with the specifications you need, we can also fulfill custom wire orders. Simply get in touch with us to get started.