Description: Printed Tefzel® insulated hook-up wire, conforming to MIL-W-22759/16 in AWG sizes 24-00 in the strandings specified.
Specification: MIL-W-22759/16.
Conductor: Stranded tinned copper.
Insulation: Extruded EFTE.
Temperature rating: -65°c to 150°c.
Voltage rating: 600 volts R.M.S.
Standard spool put-up: 1000 ft.
Ordering information: Specify jaguar catalog no. & color code.

J16TZ-2419 M22759/16-24 24 19X36 26.2 .043 .047
J16TZ-2219 M22759/16-22 22 19X34 16.2 .050 .054
J16TZ-2019 M22759/16-20 20 19X32 9.88 .058 .062
J16TZ-1819 M22759/16-18 18 19X30 6.23 .069 .073
J16TZ-1619 M22759/16-16 16 19X29 4.81 .077 .081
J16TZ-1419 M22759/16-14 14 19X27 3.06 .091 .095
J16TZ-1237 M22759/16-12 12 37X28 2.02 .111 .117
J16TZ-1037 M22759/16-10 10 37X26 1.26 .136 .142
J16TZ-8133 M22759/16-8 8 133X29 .701 .196 .202
J16TZ-6133 M22759/16-6 6 133X27 .445 .247 .253
J16TZ-4133 M22759/16-4 4 133X25 .280 .308 .316
J16TZ-2665 M22759/16-2 2 665X30 .183 .384 .392
J16TZ-1817 M22759/16-1 1 817X30 .149 .426 .436
J16TZ-X01045 M22759/16-01 0 1045X30 .116 .473 .485
J16TZ-X21330 M22759/16-02 00 1330X30 .091 .539 .553

If your business requires Tefzel Wire for high frequency electronic use in harsh environments, Jaguar Industries can provide the best insulation without sacrificing flexibility. Often, mil spec wire selections will come with a military specification number, designated with the prefix “MIL-W”. But this isn’t the case with all wires in the market. Here at Jaguar Industries, we provide a listing of all our military wire for your convenience.

The military-grade wire we carry comes in different insulation materials. Knowledge of each of them can help you narrow down your options as you browse for the right selection for your particular application.


Mil Spec Wire insulated with PTFE are some of the most reliable in the industry. They’re best known for their exceptional thermal stability, with a temperature rating of -60 to 200 degrees centigrade. Aside from that, the material features an equally exceptional resistance to chemicals. In outdoor applications, PTFE offers incredible weather resistance, able to last about 20 years unaffected.

Tefzel Wire

Manufactured by DuPont™, Tefzel® is a modified ETFE (ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene) fluoropolymer known for its mechanical toughness and outstanding chemical inertness. An interesting feature of this particular insulation material is its high-energy radiation resistance, which makes it another preferred product for high-temperature applications. Aside from that, military wire insulated by Tefzel® is recyclable and features a non-stick surface.


Lightweight and durable, wires insulated by cross-linked polyalkene with a cross-linked polyvinyldene fluoride (PVF) jacket, can withstand some of the harshest environments. This type of high-temperature dual wall insulated hook-up wire is resistant to chemicals, abrasion, and shrink back. Built for military, aerospace, and airframe applications, this particular military wire can withstand temperatures between -65 to 150 degrees centigrade.


PVC-insulated MIL-Spec wire with the specifications MIL-W-5086A Type I and Type II are reinforced with a Polyamide (Nylon®) jacket and used in aircraft electrical systems. Compared to Type I, Type II features dual jackets for added insulation. Both of these are resistant to a variety of chemicals, including water, aircraft fuels, dilute acids, and hydraulic fluids.

While you can explore the products we present in the navigation sidebar, we understand that you may require military-grade wire aside from those we have on display here. In such cases, we can accommodate custom orders; simply contact us through this site, or over the phone at (800) 443-6528 to get started. We also offer an array of value-added services that includes laboratory testing to assure compliance with your specifications.

Jaguar is the number one source for high temperature military-grade wire, cable television, coax and also tubing products – Because military wire it is created for harsh health conditions, Mil-Spec cable could be used for an array of functions. Some applications consist of: protecting and safety covering, airframe cable, indicate direct circuitry, antennas, bus-bar, ground cord, as well as bonding moving components. Mil-Spec cable can be used in higher frequency and also heat applications. The US federal government, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, as well as Raytheon depend upon Mil-Spec cable as well, howeveras we also distribute and provide the same cable to the general public as we know extreme uses are everywhere.

Jaguar advises people to determine their usage before ordering military spec wire as a few of our various other wires may be ideal and will certainly conserve unnecessarily spending money on the wrong type of wire. Applications depend, Mil-Spec wire is developed to fulfill tough requirements, to hold up in tough applications, as well as to survive rough atmospheres. Depending on the application, you may really want solid and long lasting Mil-Spec cord. Nevertheless, lots of noncombatant applications do not call for military grade wire as well as can depend on other cord and also cord options to meet their demands. For commercial applications, it may be much more affordable to acquire commercial cord as it is usually less expensive than mil spec wire.