PTFE coated wire is designed to operate in extreme conditions, including high temperatures, high frequency, etc. PFTE wire choices such as the MIL-W-16878 Type E high temperature wire have particularly lasting endurance and resilience.

MIL-W-16878E, EE, and ET PTFE insulated wires have applications that include military harnessing, power supply lead wire, appliance wiring, and medical. MIL-W-PTFE insulated wire can be used in electronics aerospace, industrial, military, and other commercial markets.

Using PTFE wire insulation for hook up and lead wire has many advantages. In addition to its reliability, the insulation provides resistance to ultra-violet radiation, stress, chemicals, and mold growth, and is non-toxic and environmentally safe.

PTFE hookup wire and lead wire are suitable for a wide frequency range and have a superb flex-life. The insulation also saves space and weight, as compared to other insulation types commonly used. PTFE insulated wires are also easy to install.

Aside from PTFE lead and hookup wire, we also carry Tefzel® insulated high temperature wire. This type of lead and hookup wire offers a higher tensile and impact strength than PTFE, as well as a high-energy radiation resistance.

Jaguar Industries can provide PTFE insulated wires to your specifications. For more details on our products, click on any product entry listed. We welcome you to contact us directly with any questions you may have about Tefzel® and PTFE wire; our experts are ready to help.