Jaguar Shielded Cable MIL-C-27500, Type RC-QPL

    Description: PTFE insulated conductors (MIL-W-22759/11), color coded, cabled for 2 or more conductors, braided with silver plated copper with a sintered polytetrafluoroethylene jacket overall. Manufacturer’s marker tape or conductor print under shield identifies QPL product.

    Conductors: Stranded silver plated copper.

    Insulation: Primary – Extruded PTFE. Jacket – Taped PTFE.

    Temperature Rating: -55°c to 200°c.

    Voltage Rating: 600 Volts R.M.S.

    Standard Spool Put-Up: 1000 ft.

    Ordering Information: Specify jaguar catalog no. Supplied with a white jacket and the following conductor color code:
    1-white, 2-white/blue, 3-white/orange, 4-white/green.*

    Catalog # Military Designation AWG Size No. of Conductor
    Catalog # Military Designation AWG Size No. of Conductor
    JMSO6-26RC1 M27500-26RC1SO6 26 1
    JMSO6-26RC2 M27500-26RC2SO6 26 2
    JMSO6-26RC3 M27500-26RC3SO6 26 3
    JMSO6-26RC4 M27500-26RC4SO6 26 4
    JMSO6-24RC1 M27500-24RC1SO6 24 1
    JMSO6-24RC2 M27500-24RC2SO6 24 2
    JMSO6-24RC3 M27500-24RC3SO6 24 3
    JMSO6-24RC4 M27500-24RC4SO6 24 4
    JMSO6-22RC1 M27500-22RC1SO6 22 1
    JMSO6-22RC2 M27500-22RC2SO6 22 2
    JMSO6-22RC3 M27500-22RC3SO6 22 3
    JMSO6-22RC4 M27500-22RC4SO6 22 4
    JMSO6-20RC1 M27500-20RC1SO6 20 1
    JMSO6-20RC2 M27500-20RC2SO6 20 2
    JMSO6-20RC3 M27500-20RC3SO6 20 3
    JMSO6-20RC4 M27500-20RC4SO6 20 4
    JMSO6-18RC1 M27500-18RC1SO6 18 1
    JMSO6-18RC2 M27500-18RC2SO6 18 2
    JMSO6-18RC3 M27500-18RC3SO6 18 3
    JMSO6-18RC4 M27500-18RC4SO6 18 4
    JMSO6-16RC1 M27500-16RC1SO6 16 1
    JMSO6-16RC2 M27500-16RC2SO6 16 2
    JMSO6-16RC3 M27500-16RC3SO6 16 3
    JMSO6-16RC4 M27500-16RC4SO6 16 4
    JMSO6-14RC1 M27500-14RC1SO6 14 1
    JMSO6-14RC2 M27500-14RC2SO6 14 2
    JMSO6-14RC3 M27500-14RC3SO6 14 3
    JMSO6-14RC4 M27500-14RC4SO6 14 4
    JMSO6-12RC1 M27500-12RC1SO6 12 1
    JMSO6-12RC2 M27500-12RC2SO6 12 2
    JMSO6-12RC3 M27500-12RC3SO6 12 3
    JMSO6-12RC4 M27500-12RC4SO6 12 4

    Jaguar industries MIL-C-27500, Type RC-QPL shielded cable is commonly used in avionics, aerospace and airframe applications and meets the appropriate standards to be used as an official military coaxial cable. The cable is designed using PTFE insulation and can incorporate two or more conductors.

    If you require the MIL-W-27500 cable specification, simply let us know your requirements and we can supply you with exactly what you need. This specification can be used in wide variety of construction options.

    Our large inventory of MIL-C coaxial cables is properly maintained, ensuring that we will have what it is you require in stock. You can order spools of the MIL-C-27500 in the exact length you need for your application.

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