Jaguar Shielded PTFE Cable – PTFE Insulation

Made for applications in harsh environments, Jaguar’s shielded PTFE cable offers effective insulation for conductors and other electric components. While PTFE on its own provides excellent dielectric properties and a high melting temperature, the addition of silver plated copper shielding improves its durability.

Description: PTFE insulated conductors (type E), color coded, cabled for 2 or more conductors, braided, with silver plated copper (90% minimum coverage), with a sintered tape wrapped or extruded FEP jacket overall.
Conductor: Stranded Silver-Plated Copper.
Insulation: Primary – TFE Extruded PTFE. Jacket – TFE Taped PTFE Or FEP Extruded PTFE.
Temperature rating: -65°c to 200°c.
Voltage rating: 600 Volts R.M.S.
Standard spool put-up: 1000 ft.
Ordering information: Specify Jaguar Catalog No. Supplied With A White Jacket And The Following Color Code: 1-White; 2-Black; 3-Red; 4-Green.*

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The Jaguar PTFE shielded cable offers an ideal solution for applications that require high thermal and electrical resistance. Shielded cables reduce the chance of dangerous surface discharge, help to prevent electrical interference and provide better safety for those working with them. These cables protect insulated wiring, equipment and people from potential hazards. Jaguar shielded wire cables reduce the chance of damaging a cable that would otherwise need replacing, causing unnecessary work.

We maintain a large inventory of PTFE shielded cables. Simply let us know what you need and we will meet your shielded cable requirements. We have a strong, professional reputation for meeting our customers’ needs in a short amount of time. We are the wire and cable experts you can trust to supply you with the best service and products for your specific application.

If you require a cable with strandings, colors, and more conductors than what we have displayed above, feel free to consult our factory. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide custom solutions for our clients’ projects; thus, we provide value added services to give you full control over the cable products you order. These services include striping solid color cables to make it easier to trace complex circuits, and terminating and crimping cables if you do not have the necessary equipment. We also run the PTFE cable through laboratory and physical tests to assure compliance with your specifications.

If you have any questions regarding our shielded PTFE cables we can help.