Tinned Copper Products

Soft drawn electrolytic solid copper, annealed and tinned for easy soldering.

Tubular braid woven meeting QQ-W-343E and ASTM-B-33 specifications.

Woven flat braid meeting QQ-W-343E and ASTM-B-33 specifications.

Tinned copper cable consists of woven stands that are rolled flat and are manufactured to a specific width. Uses of flat tinned braided copper include bonding, straps, connecting moving parts and grounding. The tight weave of multi-strand soft drawn wire makes a perfect shield for short-run cables providing radical termination. In retrofit applications, these products provide additional shielding efficiency.

Popular uses include ground shielding termination, point-to-point ground path and wire and cable shielding. Typically this product is manufactured in a flat or oval-shaped braid.

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