To meet the needs of those in industries wherein severe conditions are the norm, Jaguar Industries provides a selection of high temperature wire made to withstand harsh environments. Featuring an insulation of polyalkene and a PVF jacket, our selection of heat resistant wire has a temperature rating of -65°C to 150°C and a voltage rating of 600 volts R.M.S.

The dual layer of insulating materials provides a number of advantages that set this wire apart from other types of lead wire made to withstand high temperatures. While some sacrifice weight for temperature resistance, our selection of wires is lightweight without skimping on durability. In fact, this particular type of wire offers excellent resistance to common chemicals, abrasion, and shrink back.

Because of its use in military, aerospace, and airframe applications, our high temperature wire conforms to MIL-W-81044 standards. As we pride ourselves in our extensive selection of wires, we’re able to provide our customers with different conductors to meet the following specifications:

MIL-W-81044/9 – Tinned Copper.
MIL-W-81044/10 – Silver Plated High Strength Copper Alloy.
MIL-W-81044/11 – Silver Plated Copper.
MIL-W-81044/12 – Tinned Copper.
MIL-W-81044/13 – Silver Plated High Strength Copper Alloy.

When you’ve decided on a particular heat resistant wire for your project, contact us so we can prepare the products to your requirements. To that end, we provide a number of value-added services.

To brand your wires or create visual guides for their use in your project, we can dye, cut, stripe, and mark your wires. Aside from that, we can also produce multiple conductor cables from our single conductor items through our high speed twisting and planetary cabling equipment. We also have braiding and shielding equipment if you wish to add these coverings to your wires and cables. If you do not have the equipment to terminate and crimp wires and cables, we can do this for you as well.

To ensure that you receive products made to your specifications, we employ the use of laboratory physical and electrical test equipment to assure compliance.

Specifications: PTFE insulated conductors (type E), color coded, cabled for 2 or more conductors, braided, with silver plated copper (90% minimum coverage), with a sintered tape wrapped or extruded FEP jacket overall.

Description: High temperature dual wall insulated hook-up wires, offering low weight and resistance to chemicals, abrasion, and shrink back. They are primarily used for military and airframe applications and component conductors for MIL-C-27500 cables.

Insulation: Cross-Linked Polyalkene With A Cross-Linked Polyvinyldene Fluoride (PVF) Jacket, .002″ – .006″ Wall Depending On Specification.*
Temperature rating: -65°c to 150°c.
Voltage rating: 600 Volts R.M.S
MIL-W-81044/9 – Tinned Copper
Mil-W-81044/10 – Silver Plated High Strength Copper Alloy
Mil-W-81044/11 – Silver Plated Copper
Mil-W-81044/12 – Tinned Copper
Mil-W-81044/13 – Silver Plated High Strength Copper Alloy

Standard Spool Put-Up: 1000 Ft.
Ordering information: Specify Jaguar Catalog # & Color Code

* Mil-W-81044/9 Awg Sizes 2 & 0 Have .008” – .012” Jacket Walls.
CAT. #
CAT. #
CAT. #
30 7X38 J11PK-30 .029 J12PK-30 .029 J13PK-30 .029
28 7X36 J11PK-28 .032 J12PK-28 .032 J13PK-28 .032
26 19X38 J10PK-26 .050 J11PK-26 .036 J12PK-26 .036 J13PK-26 .036
24 19X36 J9PK-24 .056 J10PK-24 .056 J11PK-24 .042 J12PK-24 .042 J13PK-24 .042
22 19X34 J9PK-22 .065 J10PK-22 .065 J11PK-22 .049 J12PK-22 .049 J13PK-22 .049
20 19X32 J9PK-20 .073 J10PK-20 .073 J11PK-20 .057 J12PK-20 .057 J13PK-20 .057
18 19X30 J9PK-18 .083 J11PK-18 .067 J12PK-18 .067
16 19X29 J9PK-16 .093 J11PK-16 .075 J12PK-16 .075
14 19X27 J9PK-14 .112 J11PK-14 .093 J12PK-14 .093
12 37X28 J9PK-12 .130 J11PK-12 .112 J12PK-12 .112
10 37X26 J9PK-10 .160
8 133X29 J9PK-8 .220
6 133X27 J9PK-6 .271
4 133X25 J9PK-4 .328
2 665X30 J9PK-2 .412
0 1045X30 J9PK-0 .506

Used primarily for military, aerospace and airframe applications, our MIL-W-81044 specification hook up wires are dual wall insulated, low weight and are ideal for high temperatures. They are also chemical, abrasion and shrink back resistant and are component conductors for MIL-C-27500 cables. Because of the durable Polyalkene insulation and the strong PVF insulation jacket, these MIL SPEC wires work well even in severe conditions.

At Jaguar, we stock a large inventory of our Polyalkene MIL-W-81044 specification wires. When you supply us with the parameters you require for your application, we will get you what you need as quickly as possible. Next day shipping is often available. We take pride in the excellent service we provide for our customers.