SuperFlex Wire

At Jaguar we combine the right design with the right choice of conductor and compound to produce super flex wire and cable that will conform the best to your application and will last. Some of the industries that commonly require superflexible wire and cable are: medical, robotics, aerospace, sensors, test & measurement, and instrumentation.

Versatile wire (SuperFlex Wire) is available in a range of products. The sort of conductor as well as insulation affects not merely the amount of flexing the cord could take, however it determines exactly how it carries out.

Readily available in 2 versions, the Jag-XFLEX Extra Flexible and also the Jag-SUPERFLEX Super Flexible cord, our unique brand name of mini cables complies with a variety of specs. These specs consist of UL-VW1 (Style 1692, 1624, 1568, as well as others), MIL-W-16878/ 1 (Type B) Except Stranding, and also MIL-W– 76 (Type LW) Except Stranding. These cords are likewise offered in a vast array of small AWG dimensions from 16 to 26 for the Jag-XFLEX as well as 16 to 36 for the Jag-SUPERFLEX

At Jaguar Industries, we’ve created our very own brand name of versatile cables to satisfy the requirements of robot and also servo applications. The JAG-Flex  line of hook-up cords showcases PVC insulation as well as stuck soft copper conductors to give versatility while preserving a high degree of sturdiness.