Hook-Up Wire


Jaguar Industries has been a leading maker of hook-up wire as well as lead cable for virtually a 1/2 century. The fundamental components of this kind of wire comply with: Conductors.

As the lead cords are drawn apart for firing or bent, the varnish fractures, in some cases tearing the insulation.

Considering that a lot of cleansing procedures will certainly take out these finishings from the EPDM lead cable, cleansing EPDM lead cord prior to making use of in the procedure is not advised.

Jaguar utilizes Uni-Strand tinned copper conductors. In this sort of building, the bare copper cords are stranded, then tinned to layer the fibers – and to complete the interstices in between the fibers. This permits much easier cable removing without any re-twisting procedure.
Insulation Materials.

PVC (vinyl plastic) insulation is rapid removing, withstands oil, solvents, as well as ozone. The shades are intense and also continue to be unique after handling. Applications consist of electric motors, transformers, fluorescent ballasts and also installations, switch-boards, panels, commands, rectifiers as well as digital circuits. Satisfies VW-1 Vertical Wire Flame Test in a lot of cases.

Teflon® is a fluorinated polycarbonate with impressive thermal, bodily, and also electric residential properties. Teflon® is typically limited to applications needing its unique qualities considering that its standard material as well as handling prices are fairly high.

Belden Teflon® cable items are extremely suggested for mini cord applications as a result of their premium thermal as well as electric homes. Teflon® is particularly ideal for inner wiring-soldering applications where insulation thaw back is a certain issue. Belden circuitry items protected with Teflon® are exceptional in their resistance to oil, oxidation, warmth, sunshine as well as fire; and in their capability to continue to be versatile at reduced temperature levels. They have outstanding resistance to ozone, water, liquor, fuel, acids, alkalis, fragrant hydrocarbons as well as solvents.

EPDM (ethylene-propylene diene elastomer) is a chemically cross-linked elastomer with outstanding adaptability at low and high temperature levels (+150 ° C to -60 ° C). It has great insulation as well as dielectric toughness, in addition to exceptional scrape resistance as well as mechanical residential properties. EPDM additionally has much better cut-through resistance compared to Silicone rubber, which it changes in some applications.

EPDM works with many varnishes. After the dip as well as cook pattern, nonetheless, the varnish has the tendency to stick to the insulation considering that EPDM, unlike some rubber insulations, does not exhibit oils or waxes. As the lead cords are rived for firing or bent, the varnish splits, occasionally tearing the insulation.

To assist this issue, a stearic remedy is put on the lead cord throughout the production procedure. Nonetheless, numerous varnishes might still bond to the insulation unless various other unique finishings are used. (Other slip layers are offered at extra price.) Considering that the majority of cleansing procedures will certainly take out these finishings from the EPDM lead cable, washing EPDM lead cable just before utilizing while doing so is not suggested.(Due to the above, it is advised that the compatibility in between the specific lead cord dimension, the bake/varnish procedure and also varnish made use of constantly be examined; and also ideally, do not enable any type of varnish to expand past a factor where the lead cable will certainly be bent or angled).

XL-Dur is a lead cord insulation using thermoset, chemically cross-linked poly-ethylene. Due to its exceptional bodily as well as electric homes, XL-Dur is extremely preferable for a wide range of applications.

CSPE is a chlorosulfonated polyethylene. CSPE insulation has superb warmth resistance, colour security as well as electric residential properties.

Neoprene insulation has great warmth growing old qualities and also is an outstanding reasonable electric motor lead cable. It might be thought about for usage in dangerous places as well as is being utilized in explosion-proof electric motors identified by UL.

Silicone Rubber (braidless silicone) lead cord functions very easy and also tidy removing without the troubles connected with glass braid lead cable. It has outstanding bodily and also mechanical toughness homes. Silicone rubber is advised for high-temperature applications in electric motors, light, clothing dryers, ranges, restorative, as well as digital tools. It is suggested that varnish compatibility be examined just before manufacturing. Some firm varnishes might induce breaking when the cable is drastically angled.

Jaguar Hook-Up Wire and also its Lead Wire items are made utilizing these products and also are provided in a range of dimensions as well as styles to satisfy firm sector and also federal government specs.

Our products are produced internally, our hook-up as well as lead cable procedure starts with copper pole. Our rubber formula as well as plastic combining centers provide us full command of the item throughout. Because of this, regular top quality of these items is constantly guaranteed.

Ribbon Cable
Jaguar supplies a selection of ribbon cable that assist in less complicated directing and also firing, occupying much less area compared to cable harness packages.

Bus Bar
Jaguar’s Bus Bar cable offers a reliable option to keep power moving in your important electric systems.

Photovoltaic Wire
A hook-up cable for Solar Power applications, Jaguar’s photovoltaic cable prospers in extreme atmospheres. Supplied in both UL/TUV as well as UL cord demands for your ease.

Jaguar Hook-Up and also Lead Wire items are produced making use of these products as well as are supplied in a selection of dimensions and also styles to comply with stiff market as well as federal government specs. Jaguar’s hook-up as well as lead cord items could be utilized in a wide range of applications consisting of affiliation circuits, inner electrical wiring of computer system as well as information handling devices, devices, illumination, electric motor leads, home heating as well as air conditioning tools, harness construction as well as automobile.