Kynar Wire & Tefzel Wire Wrap

Kynar Wire Wrap

Kynar wire wrapping is an automatic or semi-automatic termination method generally used in large scale wiring of computer backpanels. It involves the helical wrapping of a solid conductor around a rectangular post under controlled tension. The post corners exert high forces on the conductor which penetrate surface contamination and prevent the intrusion of resistive oxides which can compromise termination reliability. Due to this high pressure, cold flow of the mating surfaces actually results in contact improvement with time. When employing this termination method, it is preferable to use wire constructions specifically designed for this purpose.

Both conductor and insulation materials must stand up to the mechanical forces and environmental conditions of installation and use. Jaguar Industries Kynar Wire and Tefzel Wire Wrap are manufactured with silver plated OFHC conductors. The presence of even minute amounts of oxygen in copper can reduce conductivity and cause embrittlement when the copper is subjected to physical stress. OFHC copper retains its mechanical and electrical integrity even after subjected to the high forces of the wire wrapping process.

Insulation materials must be suitable for reliable operation in backpanel installations where high wiring density and heat are common conditions. Both Kynar and Tefzel exhibit high abrasion and cut-thru resistance even in thin sections. This results in a lighter weight, less crowded design, and eliminates concern for mechanical damage caused by contact with neighboring wires, or sharp equipment edges. Kynar, rated at 105°C by UL, can withstand continuous temperatures of 125°C. Tefzel, also rated at 105°C for UL applications is operable to 150°C. Both retain their mechanical strength at these temperatures. Jaguar Industries Wire Wrap Wires are available in a wide range of sizes, colors, and put-ups for prototype or production requirements. Take a look below at what we offer. For a custom quote, feel free to fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Description: Insulated conductors for solderless wire wrap applications. Can be used with either automated or hand wrapping tools.

Specifications: UL, MIL-W-81822/3 (KYNAR®), MIL-W-81822/13 (TEFZEL®). M81822/3  |   MIL81822/3  |   MIL 81822

Conductors: Solid Soft Silver Plated Copper.

Temperature Rating: KYNAR® : UL 105°c; MIL-spec 135°c.

Tefzel®: UL 105°c; MIl-Spec 150°c.

Voltage Rating: Kynar®: UL Not Specified; Mil-Spec 300 Volts.


Standard Spool Put-Up: 1000 ft., 5000 ft., 10000 ft.

Ordering Information: Specify jaguar catalog no. and color.

SIZE NO. DESIGNATION (inches) NO. STYLE (inches)
30 JMKY-30 MIL-W-81822/3-30 .020 JKY2-30 1422 .021
30 JKY3-30 1423 .020
28 JMKY-28 MIL-W-81822/3-28 .027 JKY2-28 1422 .024
28 JKY3-28 1423 .022
26 JMKY-26 MIL-W-81822/3-26 .030 JKY2-26 1422 .027
26 JKY3-26 1423 .025
24 JMKY-24 MIL-W-81822/3-24 .034 JKY2-24 1422 .032
24 JKY3-24 1423 .030
22 JMKY-22 MIL-W-81822/3-22 .039 JKY2-22 1422 .037
22 JKY3-22 1423 .035
20 JMKY-20 MIL-W-81822/3-20 .046 JKY2-20 1422 .043
20 JKY3-20 1423 .041
18 JMKY-18 MIL-W-81822/3-18 .054

SIZE NO. DESIGNATION (inches) NO. STYLE (inches)
30 JMTZ-30 MIL-W-81822/13-30 .020 JTZ-30 1516/1523 .021
28 JMTZ-28 MIL-W-81822/13-28 .027 JTZ-28 1516/1523 .024
26 JMTZ-26 MIL-W-81822/13-26 .030 JTZ-26 1516/1523 .027
24 JMTZ-24 MIL-W-81822/13-24 .034 JTZ-24 1516/1523 .032
22 JMTZ-22 MIL-W-81822/13-22 .039 JTZ-22 1516/1523 .037
20 JMTZ-20 MIL-W-81822/13-20 .046 JTZ-20 1516/1523 .043
18 JMTZ-18 MIL-W-81822/13-18 .054